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+ NÖRMA LÖY Live 2010 +

26/06/2010 // BRUSSELS, Le Botanique

25/09/2010 // GENEVE, L'Usine / duo gig
01/10/2010 // PARIS, La Scene Bastille

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New Album

Bleeding Death Angel / Second Life / Dirt / Masturbation Machine / F+A+T+E / Two Days In A Night / Yesterdays / Candles & Honey / Words Stolen On A Train / Speed Pills / Spiders / House Of Love / Dreamland.
All songs by Usher/Chelsea except Dirt by the Stooges

Usher: electronics and voice
Chelsea: voices and devices
Guillaume: drums / Scavone H: bass and x-bass
Art Abscons and Nicolaï Ada: guitars
with the additionnal help of Scan X and some others.

:::: NORMA LOY reissues ::::
Remastered 2CD
Remastered CD
Remastered CD
All available on Infrastition website.

::: NORMA LOY limited releases :::
Message From The Dead limited 2LP+DVD
> available on
The Rebirth limited DVD > available here

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+ latest news 19 september 2010 +

Norma Loy live in Geneve & Paris !
Norma L
oy will play at l'Usine in Geneve on September 25, 2010 (a special NL2 duo gig) and a few days later at La Scene Bastille in Paris on October 1, 2010 (with Utopium as opening act).

Norma Loy live in Brussels !
Norma Loy will play at Le Botanique in Brussels on June 26, 2010 part of the Fantastique Night #29 event!

22 october 2009
Un/Real release evening
Le Klub and Infrastition are setting an 'Un/Real' release evening on November 6, 2009 (19-22h pm) at Le Klub in Paris. Listenning premiere and signings are planned. Free entrance.

21 october 2009
Norma Loy on radio
The band will be interviewed on french radio Aligre FM next wednesday 23/10 on Coma Electrique radioshow (19.30-21h pm). Listen the show live or podcasted (the show will be online for 15 days after the broadcast) on Coma Electrique website.

19 october 2009
Norma Loy interviews in french press
A few weeks back (see below), D-Side #54 had an interview+review on Un/Real. Now the last issue (#61) of french magazine Elegy have two pages interview with Usher and Chelsea, and reviewed the new album. The new track 'FATE' is included on the cd-sampler.
Also the french webzine Obsküre interviewed the band about Un/Real. You can read it here (in french)

7 october 2009

New Album Un/Real coming soon !
Usher & Chelsea composed a lot of new and beautiful songs and recorded them in late february 2009 in the Art dam Studio. 13 new tracks in digipack CD out very soon !!!
Listen tracks on Norma Loy page at myspace.

3 october 2009
Norma Loy new album !
French magazine D-Side interviewed Usher and Chelsea in the last issue (#54) about the new album and recordings. The new track 'Masturbation Machine' is included on the cd-sampler.

30 september 2009
Rewind / T-Vision reissued
The LP is reissued for the first time on CD in its original form + 4 tracks live from 2006 + one unreleased track. You can order it online on Infrastition website.

07 september 2009
Message From The Dead - Limited 2LP+DVD
Released in may 2009 'Message From The Dead' is a 2LP compilation of early works, demos and rarities, and features for the first time on DVD the long time out of print video 'Live at Atheneum' ! Limited handnumbered edition of 600 copies. The whole is available at

Side A ::::: Frustration (demo) / Welcome to CPM / XMas / Crazy (first recording ever) / Skandinavian Erotica (rehearsal) / Memories (rehearsal)
Side B ::::: Glance for your eyes (live 1983) / Mental (Outtake 1984) / Belinda’s dead friends (outtake 88) / Power of Spirit (demo 87) / Dead in the Bed (demo 87) / Shiny (Venus in Furs)
Side C ::::: Forever Gone (1999) / Chinese Puzzle (demo) / Fly Away Song (demo) / Memory Train (rehearsal) / Obsession (demo) / The Cellar (unreleased 90) / The Murder (Unreleased 90) / TV Domination (unreleased Demo 88) / Love Song (rehearsal) / L’age D’or (rehearsal)

DVD ::::: Kill Kill tour 1987 / Live at Atheneum (Dijon 12/06/87)
Immaculate (Power of Spirit) / 1964 Shadows / Hell Night (Belinda's Dead Friends) / Romance / T-Vision / Bitchy Boy / TV Friends / Died In The Bedroom / We Shall Win / Disconnected / Heaven / Death To The LW

january 2009
The Rebirth DVD
'The Rebirth' DVD
features the entire Dark Omen II 2006 concert + archives (the most part from the long time deleted 'Live In The Real' VHS) is out since 2008 and is still available. You can now order it at

The complete tracklisting is on the discography section. The trailer on Youtube is here

25 july 2007
One - Psychic Altercation is out!
It contains the complete 82-84 LP compilation + 4 unreleased tracks.
You can order it online on Infrastition website. After a gig in Geneva and Turino last june, Norma Loy is scheduled to play in Prague this fall for the Drop Dead Festival.

17 april 2007

Norma Loy upcoming events and rereleases
Norma Loy is scheduled to play in l'Usine, Geneva on june 29 2007 !
Norma Loy page at myspace mention the rerelease of early material : the first 2 EP's (82/84) + some unreleased tracks. 'One-Psychic Altercation' CD will be out in june 2007 on Infrastition.
A limited dvd release called 'The Rebirth' is also on works. It features the Dark Omen II 2006 concert + Archives + Video clips.

23 september 2006

Norma Loy interviews in french press...
French magazines Elegy and D-Side have interviews and coverage from the performance Norma Loy did at the Dark Omen festival this summer.
Elegy #43 got 3 pages (interview + photos) and the song "Power of spirit" included on the cd-sampler. D-Side #36 have 2 pages (interview + photos) and the song "Bitchy Boy" included on the cd-sampler
... Main info is the band could record a couple of new tracks in the near future.

21 september 2006
New concert in november !
Norma Loy scheduled to play in Nancy, at Totem on november 18 2006 !
Usher's band Die Puppe will play in Paris on september 28 at Le Klub.

07 september 2006

and now, unveiled is the... Dark Omen setlist
Rebirth - 1964 Shadows - AIDS - Sacrifice - Bleeding Death Angel (new song) - TV Friends - TVision - Power of Spirit - Can't go Back - Nagashima - TV Eye - Black Jesus / We Want - Heaven
// Encore : Lesbische voodoo teenagers.

Don't forget to check Norma Loy page at myspace, there is some video samples of the concert.

03 august 2006
Norma Loy at Dark Omen II
The band line-up > Chelsea : Vocals +++ Usher : Synths and vocals
Lol : Bass +++ Yann : Guitars
+++ Guillaume : Drums +++ Helene : Dancer.
The band played a new song along classics and powerfull versions from Lesbische Vootoo Teenagers to Rebirth. Let's hope more gigs to follow soon...
There is some shorts reviews and pictiures of the Dark Omen festiva
l here and there.
If you have more links and/or photos, let us know.

14 june 2006
Norma Loy concert...
Finally, Norma Loy is scheduled to play on 22 July 2006, part of the 2 days Dark Omen festival near Paris. More infos :

24 april 2006
Norma Loy will play live on May 6, 2006 Cancelled !
1er Chantier Musical is a 4 days festival in Paris (5-8 may 2006). Norma Loy was scheduled on saturday 6, but unfortunately had to cancel. Visit the festival website for infos :
New dates could appears at the end of summer... stay tuned.
Infrastition website have now a page about the Sacrifice 2CD remaster here
Release date is postponed for now.

23 april 2006
Die Puppe second album is almost ready.
Check the band's new page on myspace :

13 december 2005
Sacrifice remastered out soon !

Norma Loy 1987 classic album "Sacrifice" will be re-released in early 2006 on Infrastition. All tracks are remastered and the first 500 copies will comes on a 2CD set with rare and live tracks. It will features improved artwork by Reed 013/Chelsea. And last but not least the band is rumoured to play some concerts !

3 october 2005
Norma Loy on DVD compilation ! Black Jesus/We want (live)
The DVD is called RVB Transfert and will contain a lot of rare archive and footage of the french music scene from 1978 to 1991. It will be out early 2006 with the book Carnet Noirs 2.

4 may 2004
Usher's new project Die Puppe cd is out on Kamisori Records (limited 1113 copies edition) !
The band website is now Check it for news, details, videos and ordering infos.